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The Search for Gallifrey

The Search for Gallifrey by Bari Marcus Anthony 


The Search for Gallifrey

"Doctor Who! Wait up will you?" Ezzy struggles through the entangled forest. She can barely make out Dr. Who as he crashes fearlessly into the darkness of massive cedar ferns.

"My dear gods Karen!" Ezzy is outraged," Here I am, gods no where! On a stupid little planet called..." She looks around, puzzled, " Now where in the hell did he go?"

Doctor Who materializes behind Ezzy, catching her off guard. She looses her footing, tripping over a dead branch, crashing to the forest floor.

"Oh...sorry Ezzy," Doctor Who says, grinning like a crazy man, reaches out his hand,"But you know, as I've always said to my previous colleagues, there's something you'd better understand about me 'cause it's important, and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a mad man in a box!"

Ezzy takes the doctor's hand. 

Red-faced with embarrassment, she removes twigs from her hair, then madly brushes the red desert soil off her uniform. She can't help but blush, after all, she's suppose to be one of Queen Isis's top Emperor Guards.

 Dr. Who tries his best not to chuckle at her expense,"Do what I do Ezzy. Hold tight and pretend it was all planned."

"Yeah, sure doctor," Ezzy says reluctantly," What ever you say.  But for future reference, don't sneak up on me like that, I may shoot you by mistake."

The doctor clambers on top of an old majestic fallen cedar tree. He takes a sliver of cedar, sticking it to the corner of his mouth," Ah good. Have you ever tasted a cedar pick before Ezzy?" 

Dr. Who seems oblivious to anything Ezzy had said, making her scream bloody murder," What the hell doctor?! Have you heard anything I said since we've been here?"

The doctor frowns with concern," Of course I have Ezzy.  I'm just so delighted TARDIS has found Gallifrey sister planet, Taiga. Please excuse me for not attending to your ego Ezzy."

"Oh yes. Of course...wait a minute, Ezzy is flustered by the doctors lack of encouragement," Did you say...my ego doctor!"

Doctor Who laughs out loud. 

Ezzy is not amused. In fact she's becoming down right agitated by this Time Lord,"  Oh. Go ahead doctor, make fun of me now!"

"Oh please Ezzy, don't misunderstand me," the doctor chuckles," It's just that you're so comical sometimes. You remind me of my old companion Antimony, he was..."

"And who exactly was he doctor?" Ezzy doesn't really care if she interrupts.

"Another good question," the doctor pauses,"...may I call you Elizabeth? It's much more you my dear." 

Ezzy's confused by his incoherently babble," I guess, but..."

"Yes. Elizabeth it is then," Doctor Who says while examining a baby fern, hanging on to dear life, along side the massive old cedar trunk.

"Doctor?" Ezzy questions.

"Oh yes my dear Elizabeth... Antimony was a dear friend of mine, well actually you could say he was an android I had constructed myself," the doctor's face quickly saddened," You see Elizabeth...we were battling against Time Lord General Tannis, when one day the General destroyed my dear friend."

Doctor Who pauses in a deep silence, starring blankly into the forest. 

Ezzy realizes then how lonely Doctor Who must be, she comforts him," I see. I understand doctor...I really do understand. I know how it feels to loose someone you love. Doctor...can it be ?" 

Dr. Who springs back in a wild gesture,"Well, you know. That was then. And now is now. But you know what was so funny about my dear friend Antimony?"

"No. What doctor?" Ezzy says quietly.

"Antimony would think Allosauruses still roamed the Earth," the doctor snickers delightfully," It brings back good memories. Good memories indeed."

Ezzy nods respectably," I'm sure it does doctor. I'm sure it does." She quickly changes the subject," So doctor...do you think you can tell me why we are here?"

Doctor Who jumps off the old cedar," Well. It's not why we are here, is it Elizabeth? It's Who's here."

"What do you mean doctor?" Ezzy is even more puzzled then before. She thinks to herself," All these puzzling words...the doctor is a crazy sort...indeed, a mad man in a box."

Doctor Who smiles," This is who I am, right here, right now, all right Elizabeth? All that counts is here and now, and this is me!"  He pauses," By the way, I can hear your thoughts."

Ezzy shakes her head," That figures! What do you mean there's someone here we're going to meet ? AND...doctor...if this is the sister planet of your homeworld Gallifrey...does that mean Gallifrey is somewhere in this solar system?" 

"You know exactly what questions to ask Elizabeth, I'm impressed!" Doctor Who smiles, pointing into nowhere land," Yes to your first question. We are here to meet someone. And to your second question. No. I'm afraid my homeworld Gallifrey is locked away in a distant galaxy somewhere."

"Ok doctor," Ezzy twists her lips trying to understand it all," So. Let me get this straight. We are going to meet someone. So. Who exactly are we going to meet doctor?"

"That question Elizabeth, is going to be answered very soon, but first we must be off before it becomes dark," the doctor springs into action.

"Why doctor?  What happens when it gets dark?" Ezzy realizes a question just leads into another annoying question. The doctor is on the move," Geez Doctor. Wait up for me!"

The doctor stops suddenly, looks into Ezzy's eyes," This is just one corner...of one country, in one continent, on one planet that's a corner of a galaxy that's a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond. And there is so much, so much to see."

"Whatever doctor," Ezzy rolls her eyes," Shouldn't we be on then, before it gets dark?"

Doctor Who nods," Quite right my dear Elizabeth, quite right!"

They both crash through the depth of the coniferous Redwoods, hasting their steps.

By Bari Marcus Anthony

Contact Writer : Bari Marcus Anthony

Bari is screenwriter and author of Black Angels - the Origin  To celebrate Dr. Who 50th Anniversary, he decided to write something of his own related to the Dr. Who Series on BBC. Bari's a fan and started watching Dr. Who around 1967.



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