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Island of Atlantis

Island of Atlantis by Bari Marcus Anthony 
by Bari Marcus Anthony

YEAR 2028

The President`s Aid calls for the room to remain quiet, Please be seated. Ladies and gentleman, The President of United States!

The President of United States walks into the conference room with an unknown figure beside her.

The President begins,"Good Afternoon. As your President I have invited you here today for an historical event of great importance to all the nations of the world. Without further ado may I introduce you to our invited guest, Councillor Javous."

Councilor Javous approaches the podium, a tall slender humanoid, but most certainly not human.

Javous bows to the President," Thank you. Well, where should I start? Let me start from the beginning...

There are only a few of us left. We have no anger no hate no greed. 

Our race came to Earth during the time what humans called the Greek civilization, approximately 300 BC.

Our spacecraft wasn't meant to land on Earth but rather on another earth like planet in sector 64-65. Unfortunately during our slipstream voyage through the ripple of time the vortex crashed violently sending our ancestors unexpectedly into earths atmosphere.

The engineers and flight crew couldn't save their massive craft from plunging into the vast sea you named Mediterranean. But it did save the disc like structure at a cost of killing over 1000 souls on board. 

Only 432 survived the wreckage. 

Although our ancestors craft was severely damaged it didn't sink to the bottom of the sea.

Without provisions and proper tools they were at the mercy of the dark ages. Another two hundred souls were crucified until my ancestors came to the final conclusion they had to make way and part company from human beings. 

You may of heard of us in your historical accounts as the island of Atlantis. 

In fact our race is called Atlantia or Atlantians.

The remainder crew of Atlantis decided it was best to hide away from mankind's backward civilization due to greed and war. Therefore we devised a clever plan.

As recorded by Plato in 360 BC ," ... afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea."

Our disguised spacecraft floated on the Atlantic Ocean resembling a tropical island was enough to fool mankind long enough to find safety for our species. In desperation of being discovered who we truly were our ancestors  fled to an unknown area of the globe far away from earths civilization to rebuild.

Today, You know this place as the Bermuda Triangle. During the time of the disappearance of Atlantis we made sure any ships or crafts coming into contact with this protected area will end up lost at sea.

We are a peaceful race, finding mankind a very savage species, it was best we kept our distance in order to coexist.

Even today in the year of our lords 2028 we closely monitor mankind's progress from a safe distance. Slowly your technology became more advanced then previous years but unfortunately you haven't solved the enviable threat of the upcoming asteroids in 2032 and 2045.

Even though we don't want to get involved with mankind it's redeem necessary in order for all living things on this planet to survive.

Therefore our council has directed an order to intervene and take hold of the situation before it's too late. On the year of our lords 2032 a stream of plasmonic light equaling the force of your Sun star will be emitted into outer space at exactly 12:02 PST on the 5th day of your month of July.

Due to the intensity and radio activity of this force a small portion of human beings and an assortment of animal species will be effected. It is also calculated our presence on earth will be seriously jeopardized.

We have taken the calculated risk in coming into contact once again with your species. We have picked out only three officials across your globe capable of understanding the outcome of this interaction.

To point we have selected your  American President where we have found she has made sound decisions in the past two years. 

With the guidance of her intellect along with a Japanese scientist, a genus in his own right, who warn of the demise of Japan in the year of our lords 2025. His actions saved over 55 million people of the overall population of approximately 130 million. As you know the continent of Japan slipped violently back into the ocean.

Our last official comes from an unlikely source with many of your kind thinking him only as a science fiction writer, James Montana Scripts . In fact he has had the remarkable talent of foreseeing into the future.

All three persons are vital to the survival of planet earth as you know it, otherwise your species along with every living thing on earth (including us) will no longer exist.

In fact your planet will become dormant for over ten thousand years and it will never be the same planet as we know it today.

Even with mankind's recent visits to Mars it is unlikely your human race will be able to survive long enough to populate the harsh conditions of Mars. It is believed your race would eventually become extinct.

With the above factors our council had agreed to make first contact with your American President. 

She is believed to beloved by all nations during the little time as acting President of the United States. 

At such a young age for a President she has greatly surpassed predecessors before her.

Becoming the first female President of United States with some relating her to the ancient Queen of Egypt Cleopatra. Her wise and calculated decisions along with the loving care of a woman made her an instant success to her people and quickly admired by other nations.

Our first contact came as a dream but soon your President sent out a Special Opts team to seek out this vivid dream. To anyone else this may seem irrational, but believe me when I say the dream is as real as you and me standing here right now.

In actual fact first contact was a representative of your President known to others as the much respected General Robert William Jason. Well known for his diplomatic success during the Korean up-rise in 2021.

General Jason discovered Atlantis as it is today, a flourishing alien civilization deep within the mirage of the Bermuda Triangle. Unknown to him we opened the door welcoming his crew into our secret civilization for over thousand of years.

He took back with him technological gifts and a recommendation for a couple of our council members to meet with his President.

And now we have had many visits with your President to this very day. And so here we are today with you discussing our motives with the approval of your President.

It's now time.  The world must know.

Any questions ?

Black Angels

About :

Black Angels is a  science-fiction screenplay and book about an Alien Intelligent Species who came to Earth over 250,000 years ago crossing genetics with Ape-man. Making Mankind who we are today. 

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