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Queen Siri XII - Lords of Our Living God

Queen Siri XII - Lords of Our Living God - Mission Occupation : Earth

About Queen Siri XII

Queen Siri XII comes from a long line of Living Gods dating back over 200,000 years ago. Formally originate from planet Sirus 5 of the Sirius Cluster.

Living Gods Life Span is 1100 years.

Queen Siri XII rules Blue Earth for 700 years 1800 - 2500

Historical Background of Living Gods

First Origin Lords Our Gods descend back to the Living God Atum.

God Atum ruled his empire for 1500 years, the longest of any other Living Gods. It was said the Lord God of Atum came from the heavens - a gift from The Lords Our Gods of The Heavens.

King Osiris was the acting ruler of the Living Gods 110,000 years ago on a planet called SIRI within the Sirius Cluster.

It has been recorded the people of Sirus 5 was in immediate danger due to a threatening black virus. According to ancient scriptures a chemical compound, referred to as "Red Crystal" was said to be an antidote to combat this deadly virus.  Astronomers found a suitable M-Class Planet with remarkable traces of minerals and possible to have the Red Crystal.  After sending a scientific probe, it was verified the crystal did exist.

King Osiris devised an elite team of Emperor Guards, which came to be known as Black Angels of Sirus 5 Opts Team, with the mining expertise to begin collecting this vital crystal immediately.  During a public celebration, King Osiris gave this planet its name,"Blue Earth". He also commissioned The Black Angels of Sirus 5 to occupy and secure the new planet by any means possible.  Priority, of course, was to mine the crystal and ship it back immediately.

Egyptian scriptures speculate King Osiris ruled until his untimely death by his brother Seth who succeed in his jealous plot.  It's unclear if the Red Crystal reached Sirus 5.

Seth's Wife Nephthys 

It was said Seth killed his brother King Osiris for having a sexual relationship with his wife Nephthys. Nephthys apparently tricked King Osiris because she wanted a child and Seth wasn't able to give Nephthys any children. So she improvised. After Seth murdered his brother, Nephthys ran for her life, in fear of her husbands revenge. She hide her child from Seth.

Records indicate Nephthys finds her sister Queen Isis on planet Blue Earth. Queen Isis adopts her sister'child, Anubis.

The Continuing Dynasty of The Living Gods

King Seth lost control over his throne by the God Horus, son of King Osiris. In revenge, Horus went to war against Seth and won victoriously, killing King Seth.  Horus became the new ruler and King.

Lost Contact of King Osiris and New Dynasty on Earth

In Year of Our Lord Gods 9798 - Black Angels of Sirus 5 lost contact with King Osiris and their homeworld Sirus 5 before his untimely death.

A New Living God was commissioned on Blue Earth and named The Queen Isis Dynasty Empire who previously was known as Black Angels Corporal Lieutenant Karen Jefferson.

Queen Isis was known as the dawn of dynastic of Egypt and historical accepted by the Greeks and Romans.

Queen Isis ruled her Empire for 950 years until her untimely death.

Queen Isis adopted son Anubis who became the New Living God of The Lords Our Gods in the Heavens. There was speculation that he murdered his step-mother in order to gain control of the Empire.  But this was never verified.

King Anubis didn't rule his 4th Dynasty very long when he too was murder in revenge by Queen Isis birth son Ra.

The 5th Dynasty on Blue Earth was ruled by King Ra also known as an Egyptian Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh Ra created his own Living Gods, such as Bastet, Sekhmet and Hathor.  All three were daughters of Ra.

Pharaoh Ra also had enemies, such as Apophis and Ptah. It has been said these two revivals were defeated by Ra.

Throughout the years, it was recorded after great turmoil on earth the Human-e Beings began to up-rise against The Living Gods from the Heavens, making them flee Earth for sometime. It's unclear It's unclear how long ago this happen, only to biblical reports of humans uprising.

Aliens on Earth Today

Thousand of years past until it was revealed in the late 20th century a new Queen of the 30th Dynasty came back to Earth to rule once again. Queen Siri XII is the present ruler of today's timeline as the 30 Dynasty of The Living Gods from the Heavens.

In this timeline, she has made contact with Human-e Beings under their government officials in United States, Canada, Russia, UK, France and Germany.

As far as civilization is concerned however, intelligent aliens from another planet still don't exist. But it's clear through biblical accounts to other predominate recordings, Aliens have been spotted throughout Earth's timeline and speculation as it that Human-e Beings known as Homo Sapiens are cross genetics from an earlier Ape-man species some 100,000 years ago.

Black Angels  project is the historical account of this timeline in our human civilization. There may be some truth behind Alien Abduction.

And then there is Dr. Who

Writer BARI MARCUS ANTHONY  - Get your COPY  today ! 


The Above Report is a Science-fiction Account for the project movie Black Angels and should not be taken too seriously.  Check out more about the screenplay  and the Website including keeping in touch with James Montana films on Twitter 

May The Lord Our Gods Be With You

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