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Behind the Scenes - BLACK ANGELS

Here's behind the scenes of my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS


My seven year journey is indeed a long rewarding experience, even though it's from behind my desk, in the comfort of my home.  

By simply writing a story, I  can imagine exploring a distant planet throughout the vast regions of a dimensional universe.  The overall goal of writing and rewriting, is to tell a compelling story, in order to provoke emotion and action through my viewers.  

In essence, screenwriting and short stories are best expressed by my phrase "I envision a story and bring it to life".

My storyline takes us back over 100,000 years ago, before mankind ever had a foothold of earth.   
By evolution standards, we were nothing more than another form of Ape-man referred to as Denisovans.  

I'm sure by now you've heard of Lucy? 

Lucy's species, Australopithecus afarensis, is approximately 3 million years old and categorize as an earlier form of "genus Homo". The evolutionary Ape-man took on various stages, but each step wasn't anything miraculous, until a drastic change 100,000 years ago.

Like Professor Steven Hawking points out,"For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened..."

During my lifetime, I've written numerous screenplays and short stories, but BLACK ANGELS is considered my favorite.  BLACK ANGELS is a science-fiction horror genre asking the age old question, " Who are we and where did we come from?"   It's not only a story of desperation, survival and betrayal, the storyline leads you to the very core of our existence.   

I began my journey soul-searching, earnest to understand why we are who we are today.  It's not hard to see what's going on in our world, you begin to wonder," What makes homo-sapiens such a savage species?"  The bloodshed over religion, money and power is relentless.  Millions have been persecuted, with today's conflicts increasingly disturbing. Time and time again, it's a power struggle of simple greed and vanity.  On top of it all, our evolutionary brain isn't working with all its thruster's.  Like our beloved Scotty of Star Trek, (James Doohan born in Vancouver, B.C.), would say," Aye Aye Captain...I'm given her all she's got Captain...she's got no more!"  It's hard to conceive, but even though we may use 100 percent of our brain, it's extremely strange how most of us are not considered geniuses. 

That's just doesn't seem right.  

How come a select few are geniuses?  I mean we are suppose to be at the top of evolutionary chain.  That's million of years. My God!  Something is wrong, totally wrong with this picture.  It's as if someone placed a "governing  device" in our brain, so we can't have full access.

Well, maybe my science-fiction fantasy mind has taken over, or has it?  

And that's where I began my journey, finding answers to puzzling questions.  I'm sure Professor Steven Hawking would have an equation, answering the complex origin of mankind. 

"Left With His Own Free Will...Power and Pride grew to Darkness" Bari Demers


My storyline of Black Angels is a collection of countless years of research on man-made religions, scriptural scrolls, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sumerian writings and ancient archeological discoveries throughout our planet.  My search for the truth was nine long years not including the seven years of rewrites.  

The first part of my research, lead me to investigate the "missing-link of our ancestors and God fearing religions. 

Who made us and why?  

Is the bible really the "word" of God?  Why does mankind rely on faith alone?  And if there is a God, why would he allow innocent children to die?  

"Free Will" is always the answer, but isn't that just an easy out?   

Unfortunately religion has plagued our world from the very beginning, killing all in the name of GOD.  Years of studying various religions throughout our world, it was evident.  Religion was man-made in order to control the masses, using its power and wealth to rule above others. 

But, do I believe in God ?  


Professor Steven Hawking elegantly phrases it this way," ... While there's life, there is hope.  I am not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws."

I agree.

I too am not religious to society's norm.  God is an important equation, but my "God" existence is likely not how most religious people think of as their God.  God to me, is a spiritual organized existence, where an essence of our souls will follow into the centre of its realm, unconscious to what is next.

But wait.

I'm not talking about us as individuals flowing around the cosmos like spiritual ghosts.  Nothing like that at all. I believe once our biological human-shell dies, it turns to dust,(unless, of course, it's well preserved).  Generally speaking, there's a small part of us, referred to as a soul. It may be, it's our souls that regenerate into a new life. This means, something beyond our understanding governs the motion of life and death.  

With death there's always life - somewhere.

Throughout history, countless prophets claim they were the "human existence" of God, I believe each tried to convince their people that everyone is capable of being a part of God.  

In a way, its true. 

For every religion there's a prophet, leading the way to a better spiritual self, respecting others without greed or selfishness.  If we didn't live in fear and took the time to think of others, our world could live in harmony.  

Famous prophets of yesterday and today all have the same message. But, mankind always seem to turn it around into something evil, benefiting their cause. If Jesus saw what was happening today, he would be distraught.  Jesus said to his people, Ephesians 2:18 "...for through Him we both have our access in one Spirit to the Father."  

Jesus is indeed speaking the truth. 

Through God, our souls have access to the Spirit of God. Jesus is simply stating, "Every man, woman and child has full access to the spiritual realm of existence."  Through Jesus himself, was a simpler way to explain to his people, salvation through him was better than the rulers of Rome.  Of course, the Jewish priests were outraged by Jesus act.  In those times, it's blasphemy to announce you are the Son of God.  

It didn't turn out well for Jesus.  

As far as the Jewish aristocrats were concerned, Jesus was a man, just another prophet of that era in time.  Unfortunate for Jesus, they felt he went too far and should be punished, using the Romans to carry out their dirty work.  

Did he preform all the miracles as said?  

I'm unconvinced.  Even today, people exaggerate for personal gain, either to save their own skin or from being such a loyal follower.  Followers will over-exaggerate placing their prophet as a "Holy Devine Sign to Salvation".  Jesus was one of the most convincing prophets during the Roman era. But some scholars believe, "...Roman aristocrats used Jesus to control the poor."   In fact, it's been said, the Romans convinced Jesus to act as a "Saviour" of his people.  It was actually,"...a sophisticated government propaganda exercise used to pacify the subjects of the Roman Empire.” But things went terribly wrong when Jesus started to believe in his part.  It was just a matter of time before they had to get rid of Jesus.  Never did they realize, Jesus became a martyr, a symbolism of Christianity and freedom.  

If it wasn't for Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, who wanted Christianity for his own selfish gain, this form of religion would have become just another cult of its time.  But, "...In 313, Constantine and Licinius issued the Edict of Milan decriminalizing Christian" leading the way to one of the most powerful religions of its day, right up to the very present.

If you go back in history, how many prophets of God have there been?  You would be surprise to know, there were 124,000 prophets, not including the last 100 years. 

That's a lot of prophets, wouldn't you say? 

As always, mankind uses another for something in return.  We are unbelievably a selfish arrogant race.  Will we ever free ourselves from the grip of man-made religion? 

It all depends on our destiny.


Are we alone? 

Another phrase I enjoy by professor Steven Hawking,"...We are so insignificant that I can't believe the whole universe exists for our benefit. That would be like saying that you would disappear if I closed my eyes."

In the last 50 years it's scientifically evident our human species are just a very small equation in life itself.  Science has unmistakably proven the obvious. WE ARE NOT ALONE.  The only problem?  We are millions of light years from our closest neighbours.  But, that doesn't mean, it's impossible.  And, I believe scientists are going to find evidence of life a long time ago on Mars.  How complex was life?  We will see.

Albert Einstein phrased it perfectly," There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."


"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” 
― Albert Einstein

Einstein was indeed a genius. 

If life has even a slight chance to grow, it always will.  There's no way mankind is the only species in the countless sea of dimensional universes. We would have to be rather arrogant to think such a thing. It's also apparent, somehow mankind broke it's original mould.  

Something incredible happened! 

" For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination...
― Steven Hawking 

With that knowledge, it was easy to conceive the next step in our evolutionary timeline.  Is it possible another species lived on earth before mankind was ever conceived?  

I believe, yes.  Of course ! 


And, this is when my screenplay BLACK ANGELS, was born.  It's based on the theory, mankind was once visited by an Alien Intelligent Species, before mankind evolved into homo-sapiens.  It's even possible to believe our alien ancestors crossed their genetic DNA with our distant relatives, the Denisovans or Denisova hominins.  Some refer it as the smoking-gun to the "missing link", but with deadly consequences.  

Is it possible, the evolution of mankind was altered?  

The theory of manipulating our evolutionary timeline has proven to have drastically changed who we are today, "Homo-Sapiens".  Due to our genetic make-up, human beings have evolved into a hostile war-hungry species in the last 100,000 years.  Historical accounts of mankind has proven our savage instinct, with today's crippling news of psychopathic killers evident throughout our world.  

But, with all of this, there's still a trace of compassion.  It means somewhere in our DNA, mankind has the hope to survive and evolve into a peaceful society.  

But, the biggest fear ? 

We may run out of time.  It may be due to our own demise or a natural catastrophe. Whatever happens to human beings in our future will solely depend on our present actions today.  We must explore to save our species or it's just a matter of time we end up like the dinosaur era.  



My second part of my research lead to Linda Moulton Howe.  

According to Linda, in various UFO documentaries, she states the United States Air Force gave her access to top secret documents, in regards to the origin of mankind. In these documents, it outlines we ARE a hybrid product of cross genetics from an intelligent species AND a group of Alien Species have been interacting with the United States government since the 1950's. 

Linda Moulton Howe credentials are indeed impressive. 

She graduated from the Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communications.  Even though Linda had already received international awards throughout her career, her journalist involvement with animal mutilation and independent published documentaries, like," Strange Harvests - 1993" lead her on the path of UFO Conspiracies.  Ever since Linda has found credible evidence related to hybrids, UFO encounters and top secret documents.  

Read more about Linda Moulton Howe - CLICK HERE

However, if interstellar UFO's and intelligent species roam our earth, wouldn't you think they would keep away from the crazy people?  Or, just maybe, they have a sense of humor.

As you can see, my research has undoubtedly began into the slippery slope of uncanny UFO investigations, and most importantly, the origin of mankind.  

You could say I opened up a new can of worms.

Further investigation research has lead me to historical folklore by the Dogon people of Mali, in Western Africa. The Dogon people tell this amazing story, led down from generation to generation, about their encounter of an intelligent species from the Sirius Cluster within the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation.  What's amazing about their story, the visitors told the Dogon people about Star formations within the Sirius Cluster. 
Most notably Sirius A and Sirius B; Sirius B wasn't officially discovered until 1862 by leading astronomers.  Before this time, everyone of importance thought of the Dogons people account, only as a folklore.  But the fact they had unseen knowledge of a dwarf Star, Sirius B, was indeed curious to the astronomical community.  

In addition, Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sumerian writings have both recorded the sudden disappearance of an advance civilization throughout history.  Most are familiar with the Greeks mythology referring them to as the "People of Atlantis". 

It was then I pinpointed an acceptable constellation related to what l've read.  There's a strong possibility our ancestors could have come from, "PLANET ORIGIN : SIRUS 5 ...Sirius Cluster, Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation".

On further investigation as to why the sudden disappearance of our ancestors, it was then I found folklore and biblical accounts of a group of deadly Angels.  


In relationship to this discovery, my detective work lead to a possible BLACK VIRUS, which was most likely the demise of our ancestors. Plagues of viruses are a common occurrence throughout civilization, with new forms on a continuous basis.  It could easily been the fate of our ancestors.  But, if this was the case, where's their advanced aircrafts or spaceships?  Or did they leave our planet, never to return, leaving only fragments of their existence.   

Whatever happen to our ancestors, it was sudden.  

In the end, my screenplay is based on intriguing accounts of folklore, myths, biblical scriptures and ancient archaeological pyramids, including interesting relics. 

To make my hypotheses work, I had to apply science into the equation.  


The possibility of an advanced civilization coming to earth heavily relied on the theory related to bending of space and time.  Without it, the law of physics wouldn't allow space travel at such cosmic distances.  It goes back to  Einstein general theory of relativity in 1915 and most recently the applicable use of String Theory.  

In theory, the possibilities are intriguing, and may lead mankind "full-speed-ahead"  to the most exciting adventures of our life.  Galactic Space Travel is indeed an inspiration quest.   

Mankind's Quest into the Future.

It also brings up the strong possibility we are, after all, genetic offspring of our Ancestors,"The Sirian Gods".  Exploring the galaxy may be in our blood. 

BLACK ANGELS explains how and why our ancestors came to earth, under the orders of their King, he sent a team from the Emperor Royal Guard, under the mission labeled THE APOLLO PROJECT.  

Their mission?


"Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother's death, risking his crew in a mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for the priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from a deadly virus."

BLACK ANGELS is my answer to why mankind is the way we are today. I hope you take the time to join me on my social media links and share in my passion for BLACK ANGELS to become the next triology blockbuster Scifi horror film. 

In today's market, saturated by millions of screenplays, any kind of media attention is required to reach out, placing your script into the right hands.

With that in mind, I use videos to help present my pitch. 

My screenplay, BLACK ANGELS is available for purchase (serious inquiry's only please).  This screenplay is the next blockbuster trilogy answering the age-old question, "Where do we come from?"  

It will require CGI special effects and a leading team of experienced filmmakers, such as, Ridley Scott,  J.J. Abrams, or (my favourite) Steven Spielberg.  All of these season directors would certainly see my vision. 

The cost ? 

The cost can be considerable, but it's possible to break it down into an HBO series or the next NETFLEX Scifi thriller. 

On screen, full production cost of BLACK ANGELS would indeed require a considerable interest from a large production company, such as Paramount, Lucas Films by Disney or DreamWorks Studios. 

Please enjoy my short pitch video, "BLACK ANGELS - PART ONE"
It's my hope Professor Steven Hawking will find this all very intriguing. 

"If there's life, there's hope"  


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Ancient Alien Records - July 14,1956

Humanity Dreams - Top Secret X-Files

Ancient Alien Records - July 14, 1956

Classified under "Project Blue Book" - Project Blue Book Originally Project Blue Book was the Air Force name for a project that investigated UFO reports between 1947 and 1969.

In 1989, an organization calling itself “The New Project Blue Book”contacted the FBI. This file consists of correspondence concerning this organization.

The classified letter below is an undisclosed Top Secret X-Files, only known as "The Tyler Account". 

It's believed to have been written by an Alien species called the SIRIANS.

Document 424059568/Classified/Top Secret

July 14, 1956

Dear President Dwight D. Eisenhower,

The human race has reached its level of intellect where it's time to explain the age old question, "Are we alone?"

The answer is simply NO.

My name is Tyler.

I've been sent here for the past century to observe human behaviour, mingling, disguised as a leading astrophysicist of your time.

My species originates from a planet twice as big as Earth, but 10x further away from your Sun. One of our Suns is the brightest star you can see in the northern sky, called Sirius A, within the Alpha Canis Majoris.

Our planet, it was named SIRUS 5.

You see, 100,000 years ago, we had 3 stars within close proximity of each other. Well, in cosmic comparison, a couple light years is close enough.

Today you can still see the brightness of Sirius A with the naked eye, but hard press to notice it's companion star Sirius B,( a white dwarf star).

But, did you know, there use to exist another star known as Sirius C ?

It's true.

Your primitive Dogon people who live in west Africa gave remarkable stories before scientist ever knew the existence of Sirius B. Its been said,"...the Nommo, fishlike spirits who descended from the heavens amid fire and thunder." 

Nommo came to earth giving them knowledge of our universe many many eons ago. 

The Nommo and Dogon ancestors witnessed the brightest flash across the northern sky, which gave much sadness to the Nommo. It was then, the Dogon People were told about Sirius C. How it exploded and destroyed the Nommo's planet, SIRUS 5.

But of course, in fact, the Nommo was their interpretation of my species, the SIRIANS.

Over 100,000 years ago my ancestors, the SIRIANS were forced to flee their home planet searching for another M source Planet. We eventually found this lonely planet EARTH.

Earth teamed with life, including what we called APE-MAN. Mankind was slowly evolving, but my ancestors had no choice but to speed up the process. They crossed their genetics with APE-MAN, in order to fight a deadly genetic disorder among our race.

The experiment was a success but at the cost of disrupting mankind's original genetic linear timeline. Consequently we realized our hast for development of a new species, lead to a savage war-bearing race, known today as HOMO-SAPIENS.


Human beings have far reaching intellectually capabilities, but at what cost?

Throughout the centuries we have interfered in order to contain, what you refer to as a "Loaded Gun". 

Mankind have this indescribable thirst for POWER, using any means possible to rule others into slavery. The world was divided into NATIONS, each protecting its own. Populations grew ramped along with increasingly blood-thirsty wars.

We had no choice but to become GUARDIANS of the NATIONS. If we didn't interfere, mankind would have destroyed itself many times over.

A good example of this are the recent developments of NUCLEAR WARHEADS.

It was like giving a child a deadly toy to play with.

To add complexity to this problem, we aren't the only ALIEN RACE on earth. Generally speaking, your planet is plagued by several different species throughout the centuries. 

Today you have 4 species dominating the pack.

World at War 

The Greys

Oh what can I say about the Greys, except they are an annoying species, always interfering with our overall plan. They come disguised as peaceful little aliens while in reality they're probing, dissecting and taking abductees for their own experiments.

The Reptilian Race

The Reptilian's are our nemesis; our rival enemies for the past eons. We know the Reptilian's as the JOTUNN.

They ARE the ones responsible for introducing the Greys, releasing a plague of these annoying insect race. It appears the Greys were originally slaves to the JOTUNN and left behind under strange circumstances.

It's been recorded, the JOTUNN (Reptilian Humanoids) were defeated over 100,000 years before by an unknown force. This force or entity is still considered folklore, a bedtime story we would tell our children, a dreadful scary story encouraging our young NOT to adventure out into the dark at night. 

We know this dark entity as the BLACK ANGELS.

The Black Angels

Legends of BLACK ANGELS are said to have roamed our planet SIRUS 5 long before I can even remember. They were soon discovered on earth during our colonization attempts so long ago. It's never been proven or disproven, but rest assured the stories told would send shivers up your primitive spine!

These demonic tar-blacken creatures featured piercing blood-red eyes, razor sharp 35 cm (14 inches) claws and dinosaurian-like wings spanning 6 meters (12 feet) long. It's teeth were said to be jagged crushing weapons, used to tear apart it's fearful victims.

It always scared me to death!

Trust me when I say, as a kid, I never ever adventure out at night. There were even these stories, some kids disobeyed their parents warnings to seek out this savage beast. Needlessly to say, they were never heard of or found again.   

As if they vanished without a trace!

The Blood-thirsty Vamps

The human race has made the VAMPS into legendary or superstition folklore, only known too well as VAMPIRES

This species came to earth during the 6th century BC and has been here ever since. The Greeks and Romans mythology refers them to LAMIA, a mistress from the gods of Zeus. It's said Zeus wife's jealous revenge over Lamia was to transform her into a Daemon creature, blood thirsty for devouring children.

But today, you correctly know VAMPS as blood sucking monsters roaming the earth at night, careful to stay hidden during the day, fearful to be destroyed by sunlight, itself.


We, the SIRIANS are the last of the four groups of ALIENS present on earth today. Noticed I said four, leaving out the BLACK ANGELS.  At this time, we don't have physical scientific proof the Black Angels even exist.

As far as the JOTUNN (Reptilian humanoids) are concerned, they have recently returned to earth. To put you at ease, not only are we rivals to the JOTUNN but now, so are the Greys. Presently, they are having a hard time getting a foothold on earth. This is the only thing I can say good about the Greys.

In Conclusion

Our race is a peaceful but quick to defend ourselves at any cost. Never take our kindness as a weakness, we are far from being weak! 

In the past hundreds of thousands of years, our race has been a strong allied force fighting off the Greys, the Vamps and our evil nemesis, the JOTUNN.

Today, we intend to help out the human race with innovative high technological advances to move you into the SPACE EXPLORATION PROGRAM.

Within the next two centuries, we expect your race to venture to Mars, to unfold the untold secret treasures waiting to be discovered.

But first, baby steps.

Your first exploration is the Moon. It's important to begin a secret base on the Moon, in order to begin the overall process. 

Later years, due to the increasing population on earth, it will be hard to keep our secrets at bay.

This is where a space station will be built, orbiting earth. It's mission will strictly be for experiments, while the real work begins on the Moon. Due to lower gravity on the Moon, we can build a spaceship capable of reaching the farthest realms of your universe.

But, it doesn't stop here.

Thousands of satellites will be built for surveillance and scientific purposes.  It's also pressing to have a plan in place to evade the possibility of Asteroid collisions on earth.  We don't want a repeat of earth's historical events.

In time we will explain time travel, (no pun intended) when you are able to comprehend the astrophysical void, folding of space and time. Let's just say the energy required to make a wormhole is enormous. For now I'll say this, implosion of planets and stars can create wormholes. Once created, wormholes are a permanent fixture within the void of Space and Time.

I realize all of this information is hard to believe, but to prove to you who and what I am, your scientists and military force can see for yourself at these coordinates :
25.0000° N, 71.0000° W.

Here we will disclose to you a void of Space and Time, itself. Some of you have referred it to the "Twilight Zone". 

You will select one of your top scientist to take a journey into the unknown, returning 4 years later, 1960 at exactly 1300 hrs. 

At this time, your candidate will come back with valuable new technology to begin the Space Exploration Race. To your scientist, it will seem like he or she left only one day before.

Once again, we will take another selected scientist of your choosing for another, but much longer trip. The candidate chosen, will return 60 years later in 2016 at exactly 1100 hours. 
When he or she returns, you'll quickly noticed this person hasn't aged even one year, whereas humans on earth will of aged 60's years.

Don't be afraid.

Your candidate will have evolved into a much stronger and more intelligent being. He or she will be able to do things telepathically and possess knowledge 100x then the average human being.

As coordinator and public ambassador to your species, we hope for a successful reunion. I await for your answer at these said coordinates : 25.0000° N, 71.0000° W


AMBASSADOR FIRST OFFICER TYLER FREEMAN of the SIRIAN GUARDIANS promoting peace with extraterrestrial beings.

Written by Bari Demers - Screenwriter

The above science-fiction account is for the screenplay: BLACK ANGELS -THE MOVIE

Or is it science-fiction? Maybe its real? You decide for yourself.

The above work could be a great introduction to a new TV SERIES of the TWILIGHT ZONE. Just be sure you give me credit - Thank you.
Bari Demers at Star Trek  - The Next Generation Set

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