Monday, January 27, 2014

Alien Abduction Report - Phase III


Update Report Log by Centurion 797 of the Queen Siri XII -  Imperial Guards 

TIMELINE : 01 14 2014

First Semester Earth Data Report for 2014 Accumulation of data is now complete for this seasons first semester. The Black Log Technology has progressed as previously expected but Earths Climatic Changes are erratic. Here's a relative list outlined in my detailed report sent via scalar-wave communication:

  •  Human progress in Nano Technology has reached development stage.• Acclimation change on living organisms have been successful. 
  • Water levels will reach new heights due to concerning projected Global warming for 2014 with severe conditions in 2018.
  •  The planet's climatic cycle will prove havoc to mankind more than usual. 
  • Its 'normal' climatic changes are not proceeding as required due to interference of its it's routine 100,000 year ice age cycle.  The 100,000 year discrepancy lies between increase carbon dioxide temperatures and the Sun's solar interference. 
  • The Sun Star has increased CME (Coronal Massive Ejection) after it's recent polarity inverted cycle in 2013. NASA is aware of its irregular assault on earth. 
  • The solar conditions are said to cause GCS (Geomagnetic Climatic Storms) greatly effecting the earth's weather pattern. 
  •  An increase in carbon dioxide emissions will produce "Global Erratic Conditions" in epic proportions to the point of disrupting the 100,000 year Ice Age Cycle.
  •  Private enterprise affirmatively on-track for Mars
  •  Government Moon Exploration for mineral excavation has been disrupted as required. Solar equipped vehicles have failed. 
  •  New DNA Cross achieved for Human Specimens - Update in future data.
  • Location affirmative of Android XL- 5W5 otherwise known as Casey -Series 6000. It appears it has gone rogue. Require further instructions in regards to Android's possible demise.
  •  Long voyage deep space craft is now under full construction development on the dark side of the Moon. Progress is behind according to last report via ISS.
  • Ocean marine life has seriously been affected due to human failure of oil pipeline. Local discoveries of marine life washing up on shorelines. New unexpected life forms have been recovered.
  • The Greys have proved to be an annoying interference with its continuous abduction of Species Catalogue  #4060- 7274367 Homo-Sapiens of Planet 656 Earth.
  • On a positive note, the 'Greys' are continuously crashing their crafts into the Southern Americana's. It's projected the 'Greys' will destroy themselves without any interference on our part if they continue with this pattern. 
  • Occupation of Planet 656 [Earth] referred historical as 'Blue Earth' is not in the forcast in the near future. 
  • James Montana Films is still under close scrutiny due to its screenplay closely portraying our ancestors on Earth. Require a recommendation on this account. If this movie gets out it may become a full world- wide recognition to all humans. 
  • This may be detrimental to our overall progress and the realization of us Aliens on Earth as previously detected. Our ongoing cooperation with local government organizations such as CIA may be in jeopardy due to the increasing awareness of our involvement with the human species. If humans ever found out they're an extension of DNA alteration since the dawn of man it could prove an extreme hazard to future development of the human race. Further update required• Species Catalogue #4060 - 7274367 Homo-Sapiens (Human-e Beings)can not learn about their historical past as it will upset religious beliefs throughout the world and cause revolution unrest in this species.
  • Lastly, occurrence of BLACK ANGELS have been spotted periodical. The Catholic authorities are preforming exorcism rituals in the belief they're related to an entity referred to as 'Satin's Army of Angels'. We know otherwise. 

 This is why we must revert the progress of James Montana Films in order it does not reach the screen. If the truth of the BLACK ANGELS of SIRUS 5 ever gets out it will mean the total interruption of our overall invasion ofthe Species Catalogue #4060 - 7274367 Homo-Sapiens (Human-e Beings). 

We must do everything in our power to avoid the screenplay 'Black Angels of Sirus 5' to reach into the hands of Film Producers, Directors and large production companies such as:

  1. Starz Distribution - develop and produces original programming content (STARZ and AMC), feature films (The Weinstein Company, Anchor Bay Films, RADiUS-TWC), anime (Manga Entertainment)
  2. DreamWorks Studios - (officially DW II Distribution Co.) also known as DreamWorks, LLC, DreamWorks SKG, DreamWorks Pictures and DreamWorks located in California film studios.
  3. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation) - known as 20th Century Fox, or 20th Century Fox. Pictures. Blue Sky Films has also been acquired by 20th Century Fox.
  4. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. ( simply MGM) located in Beverly Hills, California. Sony is also partnership owners to the well known MGM Studios.
  5. United Artists Corporation (UA) up until 2011 was under partners with Actor Tom Cruise ( starting 2006) and his production partner Paula Wagner who left in 2008. It's now fully owned by MGM. Orion Pictures is also owned by MGM.
  6. Universal Studios Inc (known as Universal Pictures) owned by Comcast with its main offices in California.
  7.  Eon Productions is known for it's hit film series - James Bond. Based in London's Piccadilly with operation of Pinewood Studios in the UK.
  8. Rogue ( known before as Rogue Pictures) is a subsidiary of Relativity Media. Everyone knows it as : I Am Rogue
  9.  Sony Pictures - TriStar Pictures, Sony Picture Classics and Screen Gems are some of this giant production company.
  10. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc - is a subsidiary of Time Warner with headquarters in Burbank California and New York.
  11. Walt Disney Productions - well known for its recent acquired purchase of Lucas Films. Ever human being is very aware of Walt Disney. 
  12. Hollywood Pictures was one of the production labels of the The Walt Disney Studios
  13. Miramax is known as an entertaining company for distribution of independent and foreign films.
  14. Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia with its headquarters now in Santa Monica, California.
  15. Dimension Films is a film production and distribution studio formerly owned by The Walt Disney Studios, it is now owned by The Weinstein Company.
  16. The Weinstein Company - A mini-major film studio founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein in 2005 after the brothers left the then-Disney-owned Miramax Films, which they had co-founded in 1979. Once again back to Starz Distribution. 
  17. IFC Films is a distribution company in New York, an offshoot of the Independent Film Channel owned by AMC Networks. 

With the above Film Production Companies it is vital they don't come in contact to James Montana Films or reach screenwriter Bari  in order to obtain the science fiction screenplay,' Black Angels of Sirus 5' . As said if they do and it becomes a film - all of mankind will know where they came from and who they really are. 

Centurion 797 is doing everything in its power to make sure this does not happen. If they contacted the screenwriter I'm not sure what would be the next step Queen Siri XII. 


In submission to our Queen Siri XII it's this Centurion 797 personnel data to be believe to be true at the time of this report.

ENDING LOG REPORT : LOG 01 14 2014 Centurion 797 – In the Year of Our Lords 


May the Lords Our God Be with You - In Honor of Our Queen Siri  XII - Lord of The Living God

Signing Off : Centurion 797 - Imperial Guard for Queen Siri XII


The Above Report is a Science-fiction Account for the project movie Black Angels of Sirus 5 and should not be taken seriously.  Check out more about the screenplay  and the Facebook Page  including keeping in touch with James Montana films on Twitter : @JRobbMontana  

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