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I Am Not Human - Alien Report

I Am Not Human - Alien Report

My Earth name is Johnny Walker

Common Questions:

Question 1.  

Are there more than one of you on earth ?

Yes, many.  We are observers.  We have been on this planet for many ages. 

Question 2. 

Where did you arrive from?

In order to answer this question you must understand the basis of Time Travel.
But to make it easier for now - Our Spiritual entity comes from a ripple within the
10th Universe.

Question 3. 

Does Your Species have a name ?

Yes. We are known as The TRI Species.

Question 4. 

How did you arrive?

I arrived through the ripple of Relative Time.

Question 5. 

You look Human - Why?

I look like any other human species but we also take up residence in animals
too. We enter the body of a dying human soul just before it's last breath or sometimes
other animal forms. For example : an Eagle.

Question 6. 

If that is so - What happens to that persons soul?

Don't worry - each person's soul has taken its journey into the realm of
universal souls. You like to refer it as God.

Question 7. 

Do you have a soul ?

Yes. I have a soul.

Question 8 . 

How did you come by the name Johnny Walker?

When we come alive we see our new surroundings. What we see first is the name we choose.

Question 9. 

What is the purpose of your journey ?

As said - We are observers. I am here to observe and record your species. And make
recommendations on what I observe. I am observing the social interaction of humans on
Facebook, Twitter and other sources of your primitive media.

Question 10. 

Why ?

We help those species who are either running out of time or need guidance in
order for their species to survive.

Question 11. 

So what does that mean - Are humans in danger ?

Yes. Time is running out.

Question 12. 

How are we in danger ?

Your species is running out of time on planet earth.

Question 13. 

Why ? What is going to happen to our planet ?

The Living organisms on earth are in danger of extinction due to universal
threats. Our calculations indicate your planet is in danger of being hit by a Asteroid within
2036 and 2047. But that's not all.  It's calculated the west coast of Americans are about to shift, causing a massive earthquake by 2017. Through calculations, 18,000 people will cease to exist, while another million will be displaced.  It will cost prepective governments two billion dollars to relocated to safer grounds. Regions known as California, Washington State, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and Alaska will be effected. 

Question 14 : 

If this is the case what can we do about it?

It all depends on your social development. We have several options to
encourage your species to survive.

  1.  An assortment of Space Explorations must excel within a 10 year span.
  2. Hostility must cease.
  3. You must have a stronger bond with each other without government restraints,greed or power.
  4. You must find your inner spiritual self. Your First Nations People elders have been exercising this method for hundreds of years now. This will make you a better caring person. Instead of just thinking of what's in it for me, begin thinking what you can do for others.
  5. A global effort from all governments is essential in order to evolve into a stronger free society.
  6. Hate Of any kind including bullying must cease immediately. Strong government restrictions in your law must be put in place to prevent these kind of acts.
  7. It's imperative you make the movie Black Angels - The Origin in order to begin the process of Space Exploration a reality.

Question 15 : 

What kind of life form are you ?

Answer : TRI Species are known as Translucent Spirits. Your species has known us for
thousand of years as ghosts or Spirits.

First Nations people have known us for a long time.

Each tribe have a great respect for their animal life, well knowingly, the spiritual
fathers were reincarnated into the living animal species, such as an bald head eagle or
the white Spirit bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) or moskgm'ol (white bear), as called
by the Tsimshian Coastal First Nations.

Each animal species have a powerful spirit within all First Nations legends.

We transcend into all kinds of species.
Spirit Bear 

Question 16 : 

Do you think there is hope for us ?

Yes. But you must act soon. You have evolved but are still a very hostile
species. Your intellect has improved over the centuries but you still require guidance.
That is why we are still here. We believe your species can improve but your relative time
is running out.

Question 17 : 

Why are you making your presence known to us now ? And why on the
social platform Facebook ?

The social platform Facebook is a common meeting place for all human
beings. Everyone now knows of Facebook. We are making our presence known
because you're running out of relative time. All living organisms are in danger to become

This is our only way to bring home the urgency of the whole situation.

Question 18 : 

Have you come across other species like us ?

This question is the best question of them all. Yes. We have set up an
webpage to explain other species we have come across. Read my book,  Black Angels  

We have come in contact with the SIRIAN Species originally from the Sirius Cluster.

Their Sun Star was dying and had no choice but to leave their Homeworld Sirus 5. It
also proves that your species were inter genetically mixed with this origin species.

Here you will learn more of where your species came from JAMES MONTANA SCRIPTS 

Question 19 : 

If you're on Facebook - Why do you not have any friends ?

I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to spread the news of other living
species on earth besides human beings.

Question 20 : So why bother using Facebook ?

As said previously Facebook is the social platform used by most human
beings. This is why we use Facebook. We are spreading the word - You are not alone.
And besides, comments on Facebook are not very intelligent. This is another reason I
don't accept friends on Facebook.

Question 21 : 

How many Alien Species are on earth ?

There are at least 5 different Alien Species on earth.

Question 22 : 

Are we in danger of these Species ?

No. Your species is of no value to them.

Question 23 : 

Why are they here then ?

They are here for earth resources. Such as water and minerals.

Question 24 : 

Does this not make them a threat to us if they are planning to take our
resources ?

If they wanted to remove your existence from the equation they would have
sent down a deadly virus and destroyed all Living things on earth without even putting
up a fight. Unlike your movies where there are these massive fights against Aliens.
They already know your species are very hostile and it's best they don't make their
presence known.

Question 25 : 

So - Why all the secrecy ? Why haven't they removed us from the
equation ?

Your Species is amusing to them. It's like when you have fun playing in
tactile games. They do to. This is why you sometimes spot them. It's a game to them.
You might say you are nothing more than pawns of a chess game. It's an amusement.

Question 26 : 

What is your goal or future plans ?

To encourage human beings to exploring and begin habitat on other planets.
You have reached this possibility but you must do it as private enterprises in order to
succeed. Colonization on other planets is essential to your very existence. You don't
have much time.

Question 27 : 

How do we know this is not just a ploy for other species to take over our planet ?

Good question. This is the problem with your species. You have strong Trust
Issues. Because of being such a hostile species you can't even trust each other. This
question is obvious to your lack of trust. And besides, don't you think other species
already know your planet is in danger ? They will remove what resources they need
and move on after this planet becomes dead.

Question 28 : 

Does the other species know of you ?

Yes. But they fear us. Just like you fear us thinking us as ghosts or spirits. We
use this our advantage.

Question 29 : 

Are you not removing that advantage by telling us now ?

No. We can enter any species body that we choose if we are at all threaten.

Question 30 : 

Has your species ever been threaten ?

Yes. But it didn't go well for that particular species. Once again - read about
Black Angels .

In Conclusion: 

In general we are a Peaceful Species and by all intentions plan on staying that way.
But we will protect ourselves if necessary. 

Now, these are all the necessary questions in order for you to spread the word.

We urge your species to act quickly in regards to Space Exploration. It's vital to your very existence. 

You must also make a movie about Black Angels in order to spread the word of mankind's true historical account.

The Black Angels is one of the most important movies of all times. It will help
trigger your sleeping society and shake them into the urgency of Space Exploration.

 Tell your movie producers to make this movie happen now. Your time is running out !

About :

Black Angels science-fiction screenplay is about an Alien Intelligent Species who came to Earth over 100,000 years ago crossing genetics with Ape-man. Making Mankind who we are today. 

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