Thursday, November 28, 2013

Planet Taiga

Gallifrey Sister Planet Taiga
 Gallifrey Sister Planet Taiga - Coniferous Redwood Forest - photo credit: Bari  
By Bari Marcus Anthony

"The only way to show you the problem is by taking you to the problem" Quote by Dr. Who.


The TRADIS hums like a small electric toy, seemingly heading in an erratic direction.  It meticulously slipstreams through the universe on its calculated course.

“I’m so pleased the Queen decided to pick YOU Ezzy, “Doctor Who has that determined grin.

Ezzy can’t believe she agreed to come along for this charade. She is kicking herself thinking how Karen sweet talked her into going.

“Yes Doctor,” Ezzy says a little annoyed,” I’m sure she had good intentions and I figure...”

“Yes, “The doctor eagerly interrupts, really paying no attention,” I’m very sure she did HAVE good intentions. After all she loves you. Wouldn't that be a correct statement?”

“Yeah sure, I suppose doctor,” Ezzy signs.

They just left and already she’s feels her chest ache with that sinking feeling as if someone her ripped her heart out.  The pity of her stomach feels oozy.  Yes. The doctor is spot on.  Damn him anyway!
Ezzy has strong feelings for Karen. Of course she does, trying to reason it with logic.  What they been through in the last ten years. Of course they’re close to each other.

Ezzy finds it strange how this Dr. Who seems to know everything about them after his brief visit.  She scowls at the very idea. Damn it Karen! It true she thought, red heads do have quick tempers.
Ezzy tries to control her temper, but somehow it shows in the tone of her voice.

She quizzes sternly,” Tell me doctor. How the hell is it you know so much about us? “

Oh damn, Ezzy bites her lip. That was way too obvious, she tries to retract her statement,” I mean, how does someone from another timeline know more about us then we do?”

“That’s quite simple really. I’m the doctor,” Dr. Who spells it out too busy at the controls. He looks up briefly and realizes Ezzy is not doing so well.
“Oh, Ezzy, it’s ok. I totally understand how you feel,” Doctor Who feels her tension.  He tries to comfort her, “I can feel your emotion. You are a strong woman, full of determination and vigor.”

Suddenly the craft shudders with a violent twist. Ezzy instinctively hangs on tight to the console perched in the middle of this strange funny craft. She can see the doctor madly flipping switches and slamming down controls with easy.

The doctor yells over the thundering noise of the living TARDIS,” I’ll have to get back to you on that Ezzy. It seems we have reached our destination!”

The craft whirls around ferociously but at the same time lands gently with the ease of a woman’s soft touch.  As quick as it came, the TARDIS was silent once again. 

Doctor Who bows his head on the console, giving it a soft kiss,” Thank you my dear TARDIS. What would I do without you?”

He looks up and notices Ezzy giving him the strangest of looks, embarrassed Dr Who says,” Oh. Don’t take heed to my strange antics Ezzy. It’s just this craft and I have been through a lot together.”

Ezzy nods with some concern,” I see doctor. I  see.”

“No. I don’t believe you do,” the doctor says softly. He walks around beaming with pride, softly touching the ribs of the craft with his finger tips. He checks the timeline and quickly changes the subject, “Timeline: 2025”

Ezzy slowly shakes her head, thinking how eccentric this doctor really is. She says to herself,” Oh Karen, what did you get me into”.

 Doctor Who points his way to the door of the craft,” Come, this way. Ladies first you know?”

Ezzy follows past Dr. Who, stops and looks at him,” Really? I, mean, you can’t seriously think that.  Do you doctor?”

The doctor pauses, for what seems like a long minute, then says,” Ah. I guess you’re right Ezzy. Shall I go first?”

“Ah. NO doctor!”Ezzy turns and forces the door open, not realizing her own strength. 

The burning light from the sun itches into her eyes, blinding her as she stumbles out. Ezzy blinks trying her best to get rid of those annoying black spots before her eyes.

The doctor catches her, “Wait a minute until you regain your balance. There happens to be a binary star formation on this planet. That’s why daylight is so intense here.”

Ezzy shades her eyes feeling pretty stupid perching her weight onto the doctor’s shoulder, “I thought where we were going has only one sun doctor? Where are we exactly?”

“Ah, good question Ezzy, “the doctor admires the splendid scenery in the distance. Lush coniferous green trees as far as the eye can see.

Ezzy squints, her eyes makes out the beautiful landscape before her. She looks at the doctor,” Well doctor?  Where are we?”

Dr. Who grins with bride, " This my dear Ezzy is called Planet Taiga, sister planet to my homeworld Gallifrey. A much smaller planet, but it isn't it beautiful? Take a deep breath. Can you smell that cedar?" 

The doctor takes off merrily into the deep forest, quickly disappearing. You can barely hear him say," "The only way to show you the problem is by taking you to the problem."

“Oh how wonderful!” Ezzy thinks out loud,” What are you getting us into doctor? Oh great, now I'm talking to myself." 

Her military instincts kick in as she pulls out her sidearm as a precaution,” Better not take any chances.”

Ezzy follows the doctor into the maze of greenery.  


SCENE I - Dr. Who Meets Black Angels 

Black Angels of Sirus 5
Black Angels 

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