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The Guardians of Earth Summit Conference 2017

The Guardians of Earth Summit 2017 will go ahead as scheduled, ordered by her Royal Highness, Queen Siri XII, the Living God, ruler of the Nine God Council and the Intergalactic Committee of V ( the five ) Galaxies, under the Devine grace of the Royal Empire of the first Living God, God Atum. 

The half century GUARDIANS OF EARTH SUMMIT CONFERENCE will commence on July 10 2017 on the dark side of the MOON. 

Dear Guardian Delegate,

Royal Highness, Queen Siri XII, the Living God, ruler of the Nine God Council and the Intergalactic Committee of V ( the five ) Galaxies is pleased to formally invite you to attend the world's 2nd Guardians of Earth Summit Conference proceeding on the 1100 hr of the 7th calendar month, in the earth rotation year of 2017. 

This invitation-only event is a gathering of select intergalactic scientists, iconoclastic developers who change the traditional beliefs of worldly earth religions, the Nine Council of the Gods, the Six of the once Thirteen NWO (New World Order), the V Intergalactic Committee and the 77 human hybrids, including the Royal families, the elite Royal Emperor Guards and the present Servant Centurions 666, 727, 797, who report directly to her Royal Highness, Queen Siri XII. 

Our partners include the World Earth Bank , IBBQ (the Intergalactic Bank of the Beta Quadrant) and the Tri-Species. 

We have also cordially invited you, to specifically educate you about the truth of the Guardians of Earth and earth's civilizations role into the on-going development of the Species Catalogued 40607274376
(Human-e Beings)  otherwise related to as Homo-Sapiens. 

In order to better understand the overall development of mankind, you may refer to BLACK ANGELS for the exact CONTACT, as well as the below references for recent historical background data, in regards to timeline events. 


A) Due to unforeseeable events by Species #843 0 47297 (otherwise known as the Grays), who drastically changed the overall awareness of other Intergalactic Species, plus the complete interference with the Prime Directive.  In short, a group of Grays were extremely careless, crashing their ship near Rosewell, New Mexico in the year 1947.   It was quickly labeled," The Roswell UFO incident".  As much as the United Stated Airforce tried to keep its Top Secret operations under control, it was leaked by local media, stating an Alien UFO crashed with three unknown Aliens aboard.  Two were killed instantly, while one survived.  The United States government tried to cover it up by retracting the Airforce statement, saying a weather balloon crashed.  Unfortunately, the public never believed the cover-up and ever since, its been the worst disaster to the Prime Directive in Intergalactic history.  To this day, the Grays are a troublesome irritant, causing havoc across planet earth.  The war against the Grays are a constant battle in keeping political correctness with the Prime Directive. 

B) To help smooth things over, our Royal Highness, Queen Siri XII, sent a Peace delegate on April 10,1957 to President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ever since the introductory summit meeting held on April 10 1957 by SERVANT CENTURION 727 (otherwise known as Valiant Thor), the official Guardians of Earth Summit held its first meeting on July 4, 1967, under the current  SERVANT CENTURION 797 - DILORNIAN.  

C) Valiant Thor,(SERVANT CENTURION 727) made contact on March 16, 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia.  For 3 years he interacted with the President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in order to persuade the United States and the rest of the world to disarm nuclear weapons.  

D)  Unfortunately SERVANT CENTURION 727 wasn't able to convince the Department of Defense the ratifications of such weapons, during the time of Earth's Cold War.  It was also in error, reported Valient Thor (SERVANT CENTURION 727) came from planet Venus, when in actual fact, he was misinterpret.  In reality, the earth name, Valiant Thor, who was referred to as the Space Emissary by the Department of National Defense, was actually SERVANT CENTURION 727 of the Intergalactic Committee of the V Galaxies ( the 5 Galaxies of Beta Quadrant ) 

E)  During the official 1967 Guardians of Earth Summit, the National Investigations Committee on UFOs (NICUFO) was born as a California non-profit Corporation, IRS Code Section 501(c)(3), by Dr. Frank E. Stranges.  The committee was formed due to the increasing public encounters of UFO's. It was an attempt to debunk the public beliefs of UFO's and the increasingly awareness of our satellite, known as BLACK KNIGHT.  Its first recognized appearance was back in 1954, when it was  disclosed in a San Francisco Examiner article.  Unfortunately, it was 3 years before any man-made satellite was orbiting earth.  Today, the BLACK KNIGHT is cloaked to prevent other such sightings.  Unfortunately, ISS crew captured a photo during a malfunction.  Fortunately, NASA destroyed this information.

F)   After the First Summit Meeting in 1967, it was decided to hold a meeting-of-the-minds in a 50 year earth-time span.  As such documented, the 2nd 2017 GUARDIANS OF EARTH SUMMIT CONFERENCE will commence as planned. 

The above historical data is only for references purposes and should your require further information, it's best to contact the owner of its website : BLACK ANGELS. 


In our 2nd 2017 GUARDIANS OF EARTH SUMMIT CONFERENCE, here is what you should expect as an attendee and advisor of the Summit : 

1. The progression of The Prime Directive and its relationship to Homeworld Earth, including Species Catalogue #4060 - 7274367 (Human-e Beings).
2. Update of MARS MISSION including preparation for mankind's first settlement on Mars, in the Earth year 2035.  ( Please Note: it's believed Mars Operations were scheduled for 2030, but unexpected worldly conflict will delay this mission until 2035).  
3. Future evaluation of Species #843 0 47297 - The Grays and their harmful intent on Species 4060 - 7274367 - Homo-Sapiens. 
4. Technical evaluation on the intent of further exposing Homo-Sapiens to our newer developed technology and its overall effects on mankind. 
Further studies of Jupiter's wormhole and it effect on the Intergalactic Environmental.
Future evolution development on Species 4060 - 7274367 - Homo-Sapiens, to further its capability in DST ( Deep Space Travel). 
5. Further evaluation studies on experimental E-Human.  The first ever ageless hybrid produced in 1956. It's overall capabilities of mind manipulation and the ability to reach 1000 earth years.  Other Top Secret abilities will not be disclosed at this time. 
6. Updated information on the evolving Species 4060 - 7274367 - Homo-Sapiens will be disclosed during this meeting.   It's vital we begin preparing this species to begin living on other planets besides their Homeworld Earth.  According to recent data, earth's demise is at an alarming rate of relativity.  

The above concerns and developing issues will be addressed in accordance to the rules and regulations with her Royal Highness, Queen Siri XII, the Living God, ruler of the Nine God Council and the Intergalactic Committee of V ( the five ) Galaxies.  

We welcome you to the 2nd 2017 GUARDIANS OF EARTH SUMMIT CONFERENCE and should you have any questions or concerns, please refer all inquiries to the owner of BLACK ANGELS historical site. 

NOTE :  Because you are new to the over proceedings and may not be aware of our customs, it's best we inform you the historic content by referring to BLACK ANGELS.  Let it also let it be known that Queen Siri XII comes from a long line of Living Gods dating back over 200,000 years ago, with each life span of 1100 years. The Royal family formally originated from planet Sirus 5, with its only uprise during King Osiris reign.  Today, Queen Siri XII reigns Blue Earth and has done so for the past 700 years.  Recorded Time: 1800 - 2500.

First Origin Lords Our Gods descend back to the Living God Atum.

God Atum ruled his empire for 1500 years, the longest of any other Living Gods. It was said the Lord God of Atum came from the heavens - a gift from The Lords Our Gods of The Heavens.

It's also noted Species Catalogue #4060 - 7274367 Homo-Sapiens (Human-e Beings) are under continuous surveillance due to their irrational behaviour. Their future evolutionary development is on-going as their hostile behaviour is concerning to its overall progress.  

In conclusion, we are all looking forward to your participation to the 2nd GUARDIANS OF EARTH SUMMIT CONFERENCE.  



Acting in accordance to her Royal Highness, Queen Siri XII, the Living God, ruler of the Nine God Council and the Intergalactic Committee of V ( the five ) Galaxies, under the Devine grace of the Royal Empire of the first Living God, God Atum.

In praise to her Royal Highness, Queen Siri XII - To The Gods ! 

Disclaimer:  The above information is only to be read by the above person and/or Alien delegates. All data must be kept in secrecy and not published to the public.  But, if it shall inadvertently fall into the hands of  Species Catalogue #4060 - 7274367 Homo-Sapiens (Human-e Beings), let it be referred as the work behind the Ancient Alien Conspiracy Theory group on History Channel.  Doing so will make this transcript unreliable to the general public on earth and related to as a hoax. 

May the Gods Be With You ! 

By Bari Demers 

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