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Gods from the Heavens

Black Angels 

Throughout our planet earth, mankind has historically recorded events from "The Gods of The Heavens". Without question our ancestors have expressed their encounter of an ancient alien race through historical scriptures, artifacts and gigantic monuments, such as the Egyptian and Maya pyramids.  

Ancient Egyptians built their civilization around the stars above, most specifically the Sirius Cluster and Orion Belt.  Their belief was centered on four main "Gods from the Heavens" also know as Egyptian gods or intelligent ancient aliens. King Osiris and Queen Isis ruled the earth as a descended from Atum, the first god from the heavens.  Atum was known as the "General" from the fleet of Black Angels .  

Queen Isis was also the mother of the god Ra.

The God Osiris was said to have descend into the heavens providing the Egyptians with gifts. And it's also said that the God Osiris visited the heavens, coming back often to earth like, Angels on Fire.  Its also been theorized that these gods called themselves, Black Angels of Sirus 5. Believing  they came from the Sirius Cluster from a planet named SIRI  

Gods from the Heavens had human characteristic much like mankind. They had traits of jealousy, anger and love. 

Gods from the Heavens were jealous of each other, until one day the brother of King Osiris, Seth plotted Osiris death,succeeding in his jealousy plot.

In revenge, King Osiris son, Horus fought with Seth and eventually won victory over the throne, but at a cost. Horus lost one his eyes. But it's said he grew his eye back, which only gods could possibly do ( today we know this as genetic regeneration).  Horus became King, and on that day, he announced his father King Osiris was now King of the underworld.

Egyptians were not the only human race to believe in the gods from the heavens. The Maya's along with the natives of North America also had stories of ancient gods from the heavens.

Eagle of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Throughout planet earth there are artifacts along with huge monuments that could of only been built and carried by a higher technology other than mankind during this particular era of time. From the middle east to North and South America. In particular, one pyramid not mentioned with other ancient alien theorist is the pyramid within Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada.  

Canadian Pyramid - Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada
The Canadian Pyramid connection has deep cave formations that couldn't possibly be made by mankind or erosion. Even though this finding is in it's basic research studies, it's a very promising find, leading ancient alien theorists on the next hunt. Heading: Canada.

Canada Pyramid, Yoho National Park

Without question, ancient mankind based their believes on the  Sirius Cluster and Orion Belt. For example, in the Maya culture they erected pyramids using the exact same coordinates as the Egyptians thousands of kilometers away, not to mention an ocean in its way. Each building were massively built arranged to the formation of the Orion Belt using the stars of the belt,Alnitak,Alnilam and Mintaka as points of interest along with the brightest star in the heavens, the Sirus Star.  

Ancient Alien Astronauts

Paintings from Val Camonica, Italy are considered ancient mankind drawings depicting what they believed they saw over 10 thousand years ago. 

Another Canadian connection of ancient alien artifacts lay in the small bustling town of Okotoks, just south of Calgary Alberta.  The geological findings of Big Rock has stirred up Ancient Aliens Theorists throughout Canada.

Big Rock has been known to geologists as a "glacial erratic" from the last ice age, discovered in 1863 by James Hector.

Big Rock, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Big Rock is located approximately 7 km west of the town of Okotoks. It weights an astonishing 16,500 tons made out of quartz and stands over 30 feet tall. To the natives, it was considered as a medicine rock. But the most interesting information collected but never revealed by the Alberta government,so happens to be the most surprising fact that anyone can see for themselves. Just across the road, maybe a hundred meters away, is another corner piece of Big Rock weighing over 10 tons. Closer observation of Big Rock, you quickly notice that its rectangular formation seems to have been dropped from the air, and not from a glacier movement. 

Ancient Alien Theorists could easily assume that Big Rock rectangular piece could of been moved by ancient aircraft or otherwise known as, " Ancient Alien Transport Carriers". The question is, " Where was it being transported to?"  and, " What other missing pieces or artifacts are there within this region of Alberta, Canada. 

Evidence throughout planet earth is obvious revealing real  proof of an ancient intelligence far exceeding mankind's evolutionary timeline.

Ancient Gods from the Heavens were without doubt an intelligent species visiting earth far back over 100 thousand years ago. Their existence on earth are related to the missing link of mankind. Gods from the Heavens were responsible for crossing their genetic DNA with mankind in order to speed-up evolution.

Gods from the Heavens purpose from the very beginning is to control mankind, using them as slaves to preform medial tasks.


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Logline: Over 100 thousands years ago an intelligent alien race from Sirius Cluster came to conquer earth, transforming Ape-man into who we are today - the beginning of mankind is the missing link!

Black Angels of Sirus 5 


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May The Lord Our Gods Be With You

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